About Us

What is CIMEC ?

CIMEC is Cameroon International Mining and Exhibition Convention which brings together mining professionals from all over the world. Since its inception in 2013, CIMEC has grown from a small conference to one of the most highly anticipated events, connecting mining companies with leading investors, providing a platform for important industry discussions and supporting the long-term economic and sustainable growth. The event is solely dedicated to the successful capitalisation and development of mining interests.

our mission

To drive sustainable investment into Central African mining with Cameroon being the hub. Local mineral supply chains play a multifaceted role in shaping our world. Their impact extends beyond mere economic gain, and serves as the backbone for safe and responsible socio-economic development. By harnessing and managing mineral resources within their own regions, communities can cultivate self-sufficiency, create jobs, and build resilient economies.

Why attend?

 CIMEC has served as the most comprehensive event for investment, finance, innovation, and transformation in the mining sector. It provides deal sourcing and corporate matchmaking opportunities within the mining industry. Many top mining companies, quarry operators, government officials, financial institutions, laboratories, drilling companies, mining equipment manufacturing companies and universities will be present. It will also be an opportunity to prospect for financing and establish new partnerships for the development of new projects. CIMEC
seeks to support value creation in the mining sector. The theme aims to promote the development of inter-state projects with a view to foster sub-regional economic integration.




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