Industrial Projects

Short-term projects


The project to set up a tiles and ceramic products manufacturing plant, led by KEDA CERAMICS LTD, has as its strategic objective the annual production of 20 million m2 of tiles and other ceramic products, with a view to giving all sections of the Cameroonian people access to “Made in Cameroon” tiles and reducing imports of foreign tiles in order to improve the balance of payments. It is worth mentioning that this project uses 50% clay, 40% sand, 10% feldspar, limestone and talc as inputs in the manufacturing process, subjected to average temperatures in excess of 1,000°C for a daily production of 60,000 m2 of tiles. The current estimated cost of the project is around CFAF 12 billion, and the first tiles are expected to be produced in July 2024.


PROMETAL’s project to build an integrated industrial steel complex in Kribi aims to transform at least three million (3,000,000) tonnes of iron concentrate per year into billets that can be used directly by local and sub-regional steel mills. In addition to being a project enabling the transition from the mining sector to the industrial sector, it is all the more important in that it will act as a natural brake on the much-maligned entry of foreign iron into Cameroon, it is fully in line with the three-year integrated import-substitution plan for the period 2024-2026, prescribed by the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON to the Government, which will enable our country to save precious resources.


The restructuring project of ALUCAM, as per the guidelines of the Prime Minister, Head of Government contained in his Letter No.°B70/b/CAB/PM of 22 May 2023 on the Government’s Roadmap for the year 2023. To date, MINMIDT and ALUCAM have received an investment offer from Eagle Eye Asset Holdings PTE Ltd to acquire a stake in ALUCAM. An initial technical examination by an Interministerial Working Group comprising MINMIDT, MINFI, MINEPAT, SNI and ALUCAM revealed the willingness of this company to develop the bauxite-alumina-aluminium value chain in our country. It has also acquired a stake in CAMALCO, holder of the exploration licence for the Minim-Martap bauxite mining project in Adamaoua region.


The project to set up a beverage production plant, supported by PRISTINE, will enable local raw materials consumption and consumers to be supplied with quality agro-industrial products (hygienic beverages) at affordable prices. The current estimated cost of the project is CFAF 32 billion.

Medium-term projects

Société des Conserveries Alimentaires du Noun

The project to relaunch the activities of the Société des Conserveries Alimentaires du Noun, the flagship of Cameroon’s agri-food industry, involving the production of concentrated tomatoes. A socio-cultural, technical, legal and financial audit has been carried out, and preparations are under way for a meeting prior to SCAN’s Annual General Meeting as the company’s location and equipment have been already secured.

Long-term projects

Ouassa-Babouté agro-industrial technopole

The project to set up the Ouassa-Babouté agro-industrial technopole aims to develop a competitive and sustainable ecosystem in the agro-industrial sector by adding value to the agricultural outputs of the agropoles – cereals, tubers, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish products. To date, the project feasibility studies have already been carried out, the environmental certificate of conformity is available, the population is gradually being compensated and the budget is sustainable.

Kaélé agri-food industrial complex

The project for the Kaélé agri-food industrial complex will involve processing 15,000 tonnes of maize, 30,000 tonnes of sorghum 20,000 tonnes of onions, 1,000 tonnes of pork and 8,000 tonnes of beef.

Specialised Economic Zone for wood

The project to develop an industrial park as Specialised Economic Zone for wood processing in Edea on the site of the former Cellucam, at a cost of CFAF 150 billion. The feasibility studies carried out by SNI in 2015, the signing of the PPP contract with CAMETAL and the effective start-up of production by SCIEB are currently available as evidence of the project’s maturity. The remaining challenges mainly concern the finalisation of the procedure for cleaning up the former Cellucam site and the mobilisation of financial partners (finalisation of the memorandum of understanding with AFC).

Bertoua industrial park

The project to develop the Bertoua industrial park as a Specialised Economic Zone for wood processing, costing CFAF 442.5 billion, and aimed at setting up infrastructure for the production and further processing of wood, as well as basic infrastructure such as roads, electricity and telecommunications. The technical and financial partners for the co-development of the project have already been mobilised, the report on the pre-feasibility studies for the Bertoua industrial park is available, and the land base has been secured via the DUP for 1,000 hectares in the Mandjou subdivision. However, the identification of additional areas and the finalisation of the memorandum of understanding with AFC are ongoing.

Chemical Fertiliser

The project to produce a chemical fertiliser unit is estimated to cost more than CFAF 1,200 billion. The Government has made firm commitments to supply gas for its construction, and has authorised a detailed feasibility study to be carried out. Studies are currently under way on the Mintom deposit with a view to manufacturing fertilisers using the dolomite from this deposit

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